Photo: christian cortez

Hello, I'm Claudia! 
Developing original ideas that engage global audiences, with a specialty in entertainment, remains a constant. I'm A Versatile, collaborative leader and manage high impact marketing teams develop break-through brand-transforming creative. I've executed campaigns with world-renowned talent including music artists, celebrities, pro-athletes, and social-famous creators. 
 I've Built and presided over marketing strategies and first-ever creative that led to long term gains for brands. my Deep content production experience includes complex, integrated, and month-long complex campaign in 12+ Euro-cities, music Tours, global sporting Events, and broadcast award shows. I've Led numerous experiential brand activations at some of the biggest music festivals in the nation (Coachella, Lolla) inclusive of brand x artist co-content and artist and fan experiences.
 I'm a Passionate storyteller and created an original YouTube cooking series that combined comedy with my abuelita’s recipes. It grew into 40+ episode, a loyal following, landed a distribution deal with Next New Networks (bought out by Google) and brand partnerships. 
For my full resume, Contact me.

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